Halal Food Seoul : Kim And Kim Crab House

My first time in Seoul, South Korea back in year 2011, my wife and MrJocko can’t enjoy much Korean cuisine because we were taken to the non-halal food. But this time, I’m so lucky because this is our company trip. MrJocko very satisfied with this tour because most of restaurant providing halal menu. 
Our breakfast, lunch and dinner foods for the trip to Seoul this time was well prepared. Halal food in Seoul gave us our best cuisine experiences. The most delicious meal at Kim and Kim’s Crab House, located in Seogyodong, Mapogu. Our lunch menu served with King Crab, one of the exclusive food in Seoul. 
This seafood menu is a best choice so far. We ate King Crab and this crab is not easy to find it in Malaysia. It is said to inhabit the deep sea and the food menu is quite expensive if in Seoul, South Korea.  

Why it is named King Crab? Perhaps because of the large size of this crab and it has a lot of pulp structure than crabs in Malaysia. Very different. If Ketam Nipah or Ketam Bunga in Malaysia, it is a lot of pulp booster just in the arm or the head, but this King Crab is a lot of pulp booster throughout the body. It is different with crab kat Malaysia. It was also very tasty. 
King Crab’s menu that we eat that day is steam cook. Its juicy, its natural crab flavor and does not run with the other flavors. Very delicious and a must try if you are in Seoul, Korea. From the crab body to the King Crab’s claw arms and legs, there is a lot of substance. 
I’m very satisfied with this King Crab taste because this is my first time eat King Crab in Kim and Kim’s Crab House, Seoul.   
If you want to get more information about this restaurant, you can visit the official website of Kim and Kim’s Crab House, located in Seogyodong, Mapogu, Seoul. Easy way, just locate the Trick Eye Museum, and Kim and Kim’s Crab House restaurant is just 100 meters from the site. 
Enjoy your King Crab in Seoul…

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