Teaser : Central World Bangkok The Largest Lifestyle Shopping Complex


Central World Bangkok



Biggest Shopping Complex in Bangkok, Thailand.

God willing, if there are no unforeseen circumstances, MrJocko going to Bangkok in early September 2014. This time, the location of FAM Trip to Bangkok and Chiang Mai.

One of my destination is the Central World Bangkok, one of the largest lifestyle shopping complex in Bangkok, Thailand.

A little bit info about Central World Bangkok, it is built using creative artwork and sculptures as part of the largest shopping complex this. It makes the Central World shopping mall is a unique combination of design sculpture, shopping space, inter-active and filled with shops, boutiques and outlets selling branded goods.

Central World Bangkok is divided into 6 Zones shopping different zones, each with a unique design and a different atmosphere. Buyers can enjoy the shopping experience a wide range of goods with ease as it is a shopping mall that interactive and friendly buyer.

Of course MrJocko can’t wait to track distance to Central World Bangkok in September.


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