Review : Cooking Nugget With Philips Airfryer

This morning, MrJocko planned to cook Nugget for the children. Since a long time we are not breakfast at home, MrJocko planned to cook for breakfast. MrJocko want to cook simple menu, a fried Nugget. Just a minute, MrJocko use Philips Airfryer cooking. MrJocko will use Philips Airfryer,  product that MrJocko win at Philips Ultimate Cook-Off at AEON Big Subang Jaya last month in June 2014. 
Previously, if fried nuggets, MrJocko will use a lot of oil for frying. Imagine how much cholesterol contained in food. This time, no more. With the Philips Airfryer, just put the nuggets in a Philips Airfyer cooking, heat the temperature to 180 degrees and allow time for 15-18 minutes, depending on whether you want to or not crisp. 

Come and see how MrJocko cook this Fried Nugget with no cooking oil. You can save a lot when you cook this nugget because you cook this with airfryer and not to use cooking oil. Don’t worry, even though does not use oil, your nuggets will much more delicious, better than fried it in oil. 
After all, it’s so simple and easy. You only need to set the temperature and time, the type of food that you are cooking, whether you plan to cook nuggets, fried chicken, stew or even bake Bread Pudding,  it was so easy. Set the Philips Airfryer and then left it alone to do other work. You can save your time and energy. 
Watch as a result, MrJocko nuggets fried golden brown and crisp after 15 minutes. (Originally want to fry it for 18 minutes, but I cut it less 3 minutes because I did not want my nugget become too crisp). 
Philips Airfryer Cook

Philips Airfryer Cook
Philips Airfryer Cook
Of course it tastes delicious. You will not taste the oil, don’t worry your hands greasy when eating nuggets. You’ve cut a lot of cholesterol in your Nugget. It’s tasty, healthy and easy to prepare foods to children. 
Definitely, you must try to cook and use the Philips Airfryer. It’s really worth it. More information can be see in the Philips website at Philips Airfryer Home Living Malaysia

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