63 Sea World Seoul : Aquarium For Marine Life

Another attraction at the 63 Building, Seoul, is 63 Sea World is home to many marine animals for your viewing pleasure. Although the size of 63 SeaWorld Seoul is not as large as Sea World Gold Coast and Sea World Indonesia, but it still had a uniquely distinctive. 
MrJocko stop by and visited Sea World while stopping 63 of 63 Building in May 2014 last month. 
Sea World Seoul 63 Building

Sea World Seoul 63 Building
63 Sea World Seoul with over 20,000 sea creatures of 400 different species, including coral reefs, penguins, seals, dolphins, crabs, 2 meters long, and much more. Marine life is on display in the aquarium size 54 and 26 special aquarium. 
One of the highlights of this collection is the Coelacanth fish (pronounced “see-la-kanth”), a prehistoric fish that are considered extinct. Coelacanth was 350 million years ago, and their mysterious existence today as “living fossils” continue fascinate scientists. 
Also waiting for you at 63 Sea World Seoul is ‘Dr. Fish’ Fish Foot Massager and some amphibians and reptiles, including lizards and anacondas. Throughout the day there are a variety of performances, including performances Seals, who showed fur seals, sea princess shows, and live feed penguins. 
So if you are into the 63 Sea World in Seoul, you are advised to check the time so you do not miss the show interesting performances while there. 

For the 63 Sea World in Seoul, you can read the entry MrJocko about 63 Sky Art Gallery in Seoul and also entry 63 Wax Museum in Seoul. It is located in building 63 Building near the Han River in Seoul, South Korea.

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