Eathai Premium Food Court Central Embassy In Bangkok

During a visit to Central MrJocko Embassy Bangkok, we stopped for lunch at the food court Eathai, dining room which houses a lot of delicious food menu at Eathai, Central Embassy. In the dining room the LG Floor, they have different types of kiosks selling food menu from Air Teh Tarik, Roti Canai, menu of authentic Thai food, seafood, drinks and more. 

To experience in Eathai Central Embassy, we were given a coupon credits worth Baht 1,000 per person. With this coupon, we can choose any menu at the Embassy’s Central Eathai. 

My first time see ‘Roti Canai’ was available for sale in the food court like this in Bangkok. Price of ‘Roti Canai’ is Baht 30 (RM3) and Roti Telur is Baht 40. It is quite rare to see kiosks selling Roti Canai in Bangkok. At first, I think I want to try, but I missed it since to busy order seafood menu. 

Since here is very hard to find 100% Halal Food, we opted to try the Seafood menu in Eathai. With this coupon, MrJocko can make 4 orders including Barramundi Fish Fry, Tom Yam Kaw, Fried Rice and Shrimp Bake. They are worth around Baht 800 and it is still in budget allowed :) 

Interesting here, you only need to order your food at any kiosk sales, then find a place to sit and then ask Eathai waiter to take your food when it is ready. Nice that ??? Do not need to wait. 

While in Bangkok, this Eathai lunch time is the best because we were given the opportunity to choose our own menu and given the freedom of our tastes. Thai cuisine is already familiar with the tastes of Malaysia, I’m sure if you love original Thai cuisine, it was a great dining experience here in Eathai. Tomyam Prawns, Fish Fried Seabass, Lobster Bake, and Mango Mongoose additional Eathai is very best. There is nothing that we can comment all but tasty … Burp !!! 

Thanks to the sponsorship of Central Embassy Bangkok on our lunch🙂 For more information about Central Embassy Eathai you can also see the comments and info on this Eathai TripAdvisor.

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