Hotel Review : SSL Traders Hotel Kamunting Perak

SSL Traders Hotel is a charming boutique style contemporary in Taiping, Perak. It is located in Jalan Ipoh Old Town, at the intersection of Taiping’s heritage town and industrial zone Kamunting it.
This spectacular boutique hotel offers 111 rooms decorated with unique and modern attractive that will meet the desires of most travelers.
In addition to the facilities just 10 minutes from the main commercial and industrial zone, the hotel is only 5 minutes from the best tourist attractions in the district, Perak. It is surrounded by priceless location and also eco-tourism destination.
Among the destinations ‘must-see’ in Taiping is famous locations like Kuala evening, ‘Taiping Lake’, Maxwell Hill, ‘Grave Warning’ and British war museum Perak.
SSL Traders Hotel Kamunting Taiping has 111 guest rooms and the hotel boasts a stylish design and decor of the rooms have an influence that can be soothing Zen.
The choice of rooms including 13 superior rooms, 61 deluxe rooms, 23 deluxe super room, family room deluxe 6, 6 executive suites, busspiness 1 suite and 1 presidential suite. All rooms are equipped with the latest amenities for both business and leisure travelers. Guests can enjoy WiFi broadband internet service for FREE?
Room prices SSL Traders Hotel in Taiping starting from RM128 Superior room, Superior Deluxe Deluxe RM158 and RM178. For the price of other rooms, you can book using Online booking for discount prices affordable rooms in
• Superior Room
• Deluxe
• Super Deluxe Room
• Deluxe Family Room
• Executive Suite
• Suite Traders
• Presidential Suite
Taiping town has been developed since 1874 with the concept of ‘Traditional Iron Grid’. Memgikut history, has become the main town of Taiping in Perak and the oldest city in Malaysia. Taiping name means ‘The Everlasting Peace’ was taken after the word Tai Peng.
In ancient times, known as the Taiping Chenda constituency. The town has been developed by a Malay man named Long Jaafar. He opened a tin dredge in the Late. This town name was changed to the name of the Taiping after the Late War in 1874.
While SSL Traders Hotel Kamunting, Taiping is a boutique hotel, but being here felt like being in a 5 star hotel with a spacious lobby, and indeed have pretty beautiful decoration.
MrJocko stayed at Deluxe room and it was indeed have the characteristics of hotel rooms are comfortable and attractive. So if you want to Taiping and comfortable and inexpensive hotel around Kamunting, you can try SSL Traders Hotel.

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